PITSTOP #11 : Paradis Artificiels 2 : Movie Theatres

Driving through back- door America on the tiny highways of the olden dayz , one doesn’t necessarily stumble upon old fashioned Movie Palaces anymore . They (as every sort of go- with- the- flow business ) packed up their things and hauled them out there into the vicinity of Business Loops, Malls , or some other fairground attraction . – As it is generally known , there is no crappier and depressing sight as the one if a multi- coloured Leisure Zone out of use or during it’s shift off .

Springfield IL drive in cine Raratouille

This doubtless is the case @ the Drive In at Springflield, IL supposed to crown the Leisure Park at the city’s fringe : 5- star recommendations by all Travel Guides . Since downtown itself puritanically refuses great things to see ( exept the staple Capitol building , tons of Lincoln- sights , WOLRD’S BEST VANILLA , COPY + FAX ) we head to the Amusement Park supposedly adjacting to old 66 . Oh NO ! ROAD CLOASED . -

After shoveling our way through yellow- brownish slug , we finally arrived @ a very sad and abandoned- looking JOLLY- LOLLY . – At least there was a WATERARMA ovbiously quite appreciated by kidz of all sorts . Just preparing to turn around and leave the Lincoln- Mania 4 good , we got sight of a coeval DRIVE IN – deserted at this time of day . . . Right behind – and this was the far more interesting part : An armada of giant Race- Horse- Transporters waiting Hot to trot for upcoming tournaments and their precious highly- bred freight .

Springf IL 66 Drive-in th 2

Movie Industry Allmighty and it’s latestst hypes will remain our steady companions alongsinde three weeks and about 4.500 km to follow .

Bien sur , it would have been fun to watch THE SIMPSONS MOVIE @ the very place of it’s supposed model- small- town . We had no less thant 2 Springfields ( IL, MO ) on THE ROUTE , but hélas ! , the nationwide contest for hosting the Movie’s Premiere ( 07 27 ) was won by Springfield, VT, outbeating all those Springflields of IL, MO, MA, CO, FL, GA, KY, LA, NE, NJ, OH, TS and OR ( = perhaps the closest one Matt Groening had in mind. ) [ > > > 4 Weekend distraction in|ad|ae|qu|at invites YOU , hypocrite Lecteur , to add all the Springfields still sitting out there ! FILE UNDER : SPPRINGFIELD- COMPETITION , part II . < < < ]

THE SIMPSONS on screen actually did not salute us until Grants, NM ( below ): Remember the well to do- Community with it’s diverse CORRECTION FACILITIES ? ( By the way : the discussions about corporate whitewashing of WIKIPEDIA- contents strike your mind when you discover that the CORR. FAC.s either at Grants nor at Milan are mentioned in the WIKI- community- features , cf Slahdot, 0814 / BBC, 0815 / gulli, 0871 . )

Grants AZ kino Simpsons

As U know, Faithful Reader out there , we were taking an oath NOT to succumb to this movie until Las Vegas , where – - what a misconception ! – - wie imagined 2 find movie theatres galore . Cf. Further Reading to a Daydreamer’s Guide of Vegas!

Driving all day long , dreaming all night long of all those pictures , sights and visions perceived at and alongside ROUTE 66 , we indeed feel less and less attracted to hit the Paradies Artificiels INSIDE of movie theatres . Even the all over TV set in the hotel – rooms stays shut and black , at most reflecting the frenetic photo- downloading , Blogging and scraping down the worst dirt from our gear , from our shoes , from ourselves . Besides , we do need every single power socket to reload 2 handycams , N800 …. and to give the European 220 V water- heater the chance to work hard on a 110 V capacity , which may take upon an hour to get some , let’s call it “80° C” – ideal temeperature fur a cup of green tea . Tja , there’d be plenty to do for those hyperenergetic TRANSFORMERS billboarded everywehere from Vienna, Austria up to Vienna, Virginia….



Shamrock , TX ( above ) seems absolutely under the spell of this monstruous Action Show , showing some tale telling similarities regarding plot , SFX and design to Spielberg’s overwhelmingly failed adaption of War of the Worlds , Orson Welles’ great Vrai- Faux radio play broadcasted on Halloween 1938 . No wonder : The WOOOM BOOOM BOOOM- TRANSFORMERS list Spielberg as executive produceder …

@ Shamrock, TX at least , the watchful eye of LAW AND ORDER was sitting at Main St. right opposite of the show of these bigger than life size adventures . And the local newspaper – COUNTY STAR – NEWS – just aside . – - -

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 1 enter

No WOOOM BOOOM BOOOM of anykind was to heard past Bristow , OK.

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 9 screen back schild

Bees humming, birds singing , flasy green , clowds lazy avoiding to get into the sharp spectre of the sun .

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 8 programmschild

THERE IT IS . The perfect cinema to show all the movies of your phantasy .

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 16 screen

Abandoned as it is , it seems to sink slowly into the arms of Mother Nature again , proudly presenting : “EXPULSION FROM PARADISE” .

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 6 screen

Still , there are some relics of Man’s Sinfall , written on the walls in the decaying letters FOR SALE .

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 14

But , as ist is clearly to be seen : Money has vanished as the cashier’s hut has been overtaken by Nature .

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 7 kasse

This sacred place alongside a very old stretch of 66 some miles past Bristow , OK offers the tired traveller some absolute redeeming features .

For nearly halb an hour we loose each other out of sight , the gras not only “seems greener at the other side of the fence” … it grows much higher here , too . Hide and Seek , food for the cameras galore , sweet dreamz of nostalgia .

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 2 projektirhaus

We wonder , if this place in it’s better days might have presented itself like Chief Drive In @ Chickasha (Grady County), OK ???

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 3

The infrastructure seems quite similar ( big screen , cashiers to the right , projectionists’ cabin at the rear , refreshment outlets halfways right and left ) … but THE INTERNET FOCALPOINT FOR DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATRES doesn’t help us any further .

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 4air cond friedrich

Perhaps that’s exactly what we want .

Bristow OK Drive In Kino 5 projektorhaus context

Finally , @ Bristow, OK , there a many things you wouldn’t like to look too closely ::: Demography provides cruel fígures . QUOTE : 75.42% White, 8.51% African American, 10.64% Native American, 0.16% Asian, 0.44% from other races, and 4.83% from two or more races [ ... ] About 15.8% of families and 20.9% of the population were below the poverty line, including 34.5% of those under age 18 and 14.3% of those age 65 or over . UNQOTE . – Returning to our latest entry on BELIEF : Especially for scholarly use , Wkipedia definitely should NOT be regarded as the ultimate Bible . Dixit FAZon which applies this premise , too !

Holbrook AZ ROXY Kino Ratatouille

Good old ROXY- Theatre @ Maintreet – Holbrook , AZ ( above ) lends welcoming shadow to all Those not knowing where and what on to spend their daytime . The soft and delicately buildt Native American appoaching us to get some bucks as remuneration for his artwork , drawing an Eagle inversely and mirror- inverted with his left hand on his right fore arm … this guy certainly won’t go 4 RATATOUILLE , the animated fairy tale about an ambitious sewer rat ….

Where has all the money gone …. for …. LET’S GO TO THE MOVIES … as the 1917- mural on the ancient Walla Walla, CA AMERICA THEATRE still suggests ??? [ Many Greetz to Bob @ Whitman- Community ! ] – - -

“Enjoy the show!” while Watching out for the upcoming sequel : PITSTOP #11 : Paradis Artificiels 3 : Vegas Slots Shots ! .

4 Responses to PITSTOP #11 : Paradis Artificiels 2 : Movie Theatres
  1. Olivier SC
    August 20, 2007 | 17h03

    Les programmes sont presque les mêmes qu’en France lors de cet été 2007 ;)

    Ratatouille, Transformers …

  2. Paco
    August 21, 2007 | 03h01

    As for the Springfield contest: The movie itself kinda shows that the real fictional Springfield borders Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky.

    Grüße vom:
    Hypocrite lecteur (T. S. Eliot-Variante)

  3. admin
    August 21, 2007 | 13h09

    mhhh, paco: the geometrical center of this constellation would then be ILLINOIS…

  4. czz
    August 21, 2007 | 13h56

    united we stand, united we fell …. in love with the Springfields diggin’ IN transformed ratatouille . mh : why not check out the place @ the strange map submitted to your well- disposed attention earlier ?

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